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Power Yoga for Sport specific training helps you to improve mentally and physically on and off the court. This tailored yoga practice can help you improve flexibility and strength, reducing the chances of injury and boosting your performance. Learning breathing, meditation and mental toughness techniques to help athletes of all ages and skill level handle the high pressure situations they face in their sport. Playing one sport or position can create imbalances within the body which can lead to injuries over time, this program will help prevent that wear and tear. Programs are geared not only to meet the needs of your sport but the positions of each team member. Careful consideration is given to where you are in your training cycle. 

Sports Yoga Classes



Private Sessions

Dive deeper into your yoga practice with a private session specifically tailored to your sport and needs. We will focus on strength, flexibility, alignment, breath and balancing the body. This type of session is perfect to dig deeper into the challenges you face in your position and sport. 


Team Sessions

Team Sessions are uniquely tailored to your team needs and schedule. They integrate yoga poses (asanas) to gain flexibility, strength and balance within the body. Breathwork is incorporated as part of my holistic technique that will help athletes on and off the court, manage the stress and pressure of their sport.



Workshops are a great way to learn more about ways to benefit your body through yoga and increase your performance. In sport specific workshops you will learn which poses will help you achieve your goals, build strength and flexibility, as well as, avoid injury. 

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To get more information about pricing and packages please fill out the information below and I will respond within 24-48 hours. Team packages start as low as $12 per athlete depending on size and number of sessions. 

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